Food for dogs and cats

In times gone by, dogs and cats lived on a diet composed of berries and whatever prey they could hunt – natural sources of the proteins and fats that they needed to survive. This diet was suited to the physiology of carnivores, in other words, it contained a lot of meat and smaller quantities of vegetable products and fat. Cereals did not feature in their diet.

Nutrivet’s vision

Nutrivet boasts in-depth knowledge of and expertise in pet nutrition. We develop products that will improve your pet’s general health and well-being. We know that every animal is unique. With this in mind, we create products tailored to the age, weight, activity levels and neuter status of individual pets. Our products also target the digestive function, immune system, fur condition and joint health. Nutrivet pet food is both scientifically-advanced and tasty, offering animals a well-balanced diet tailored to their specific needs – an absolute must for a contented, happy pet.